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Frans Kasl Projects | Niño Grande


“Very Important Paintings”

Niño Grande
14 May 2022 – 15 July 2022
By appointment

Paintings of a fruit bowl, a portrait with an exuberant frame, and mythical creatures in idealistic sunsets are some examples of this collection of work. An iconoclast compendium of paintings that are more about painting itself than pure representation. They evoke the idea, a memory of a paint. A very serious one. A painting that belongs to a certain prestigious world, that condenses the privilege, the power. The kind of painting that expresses victory because of its grandiosity. Those that, somehow, catch the spirits of the winners, the immortal storytellers that survey in pure glory. Portraits, landscapes, and still life, are being painted, as goods of devotion. They change, they adapt through history, colors, composition, techniques. But they are still the same at heart. This series explores these traditional themes in itself and ask how come such a simple gesture keeps being relevant to ourselves. Is it because of the apparent neutrality? Or is it out of nostalgia, prestige, or power? Or is it like a grasp of normality that we crave more than ever as times get weirder and weirder? 

Born in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (July 23, 1989). Bachelor of Fine Arts La Plata, ARGENTINA (2008). In 2014 he met Keiko González at his studio in La Paz, Bolivia. Keiko introduced him to large oil painting and mass production. His style drastically changed to Faux Naive, going back and forth from illustration to abstraction in brighter colors and simple lines. He is currently working on the gas tank series (since 2018) inspired by mythical gods and the still life of Bolivian guardhouses. Searching for a link between the iconography of elitist art collections and the South American streets. Combining materials such as oil and spray paint in his artwork seems to have the same paradoxical relationship. Niño Grande now works with the most prestigious galleries in Bolivia and Argentina, including  KIOSKO Gallery in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Puro, Salar Galeria in La Paz Bolivia, and MM Gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now he continues to work in Buenos Aires, Argentina.