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Frans Kasl Projects | Roy Aurinko

“Utter Rubbish Hypotheses”

25th November – 13th January 2024
By appointment

Oh man, how I love the science. It’s just utter beautiful how theories are put together, tested and certified. I’d like to think similar kind of method applies to my artistic work. Observation, experimentation, analysis. Every painting forms a new hypothesis and in a good day ‘If P, then Q’ happens. While I am excited about the scientific mindset, many others are not so much these days.  The name of the exhibition also refers to the unintelligent atmosphere spawn by alternative facts and post-truth politics type of utter rubbish.

Utter rubbish hypotheses is Roy Aurinko’s first exhibition in the Netherlands. His abstract paintings incorporate elements of drawing, and are created using a mixed-media technique combining oil, acrylic, pastel and cement. The work process and the feel of the material are present in Aurinko’s works, which invite the viewer to explore their relationship with the surrounding world. 

Roy Aurinko lives and works in Heinola, Finland. He has exhibited artworks in numerous group and solo exhibits across Europe and the United States. His works are currently held within significant private and public collections, including the Finnish National Gallery and Lahti Museum of Visual Arts Malva.